Sunday, May 15, 2016

That line

I have been looking
for the line that I had drawn
between 'yours' and 'mine'

Protective of my self,
I had insisted on buying two nightstands.
One for your mysteries, and one for mine.
I had carefully separated
Our books on the bookshelf
Fearful, that you simply couldn't,
Or wouldn't, understand them.
I had split chores in two
This space in two
My heart, in two.

However, lately
Things have changed

I am finding myself
sharing with you
Sides of the bed,
books, ideas, secrets,
toothbrushes, perfumes,
wardrobes, kisses, moods
t-shirts, razors, socks,
ideologies, diaries,
habits, miracles and smiles.

I am starting to wonder...
Are you still yours?
Or are you perhaps mine!

1 comment:

Ishata Gupta said...

Totally yours 😉
Nice 😀