Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This mind, unbeaten

I often run when I should be walking
That's how I came to you
Falling for you
Jumping off a cliff
(Yes, that is exactly how it felt)
Jumping, willingly
Into shallow waters
I was bound to get hurt
And yet I jumped
Because I know you needed me
To add to your empty depths

I dropped flat
On your cold surface
My body hurt,
Skin torn from the collision
And I stayed
For you
Constantly fighting to stay afloat
Constantly being pulled into nothingness

It took me a while
And a lot of pain
To decide that I must come out
That I couldn't stay there
For the rest of my life

I emerged
With bruised arms
A battered back
A crushed heart
But, as always,
A stubborn mind!

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