Thursday, July 28, 2016

Not just yet

I am only just getting used to you
Don't leave my side just yet.

Your weight, resting on the other half of my bed
I forgot to tell you last night that it was my side
But its okay
It can be your side now.
Your clothes
Lying in a pile at the foot of my bed
I can get used to the messiness
I think.
Falling asleep
With my head snuggled deep
Inside that hollow in your shoulder
And your hands roaming freely all over my body
You don't know this about me yet
That I am a light sleeper
But I guess I could get used to your fingers
Making mischief over my frame
Waking up, wrapped in my covers
While you shiver in your sleep
I suppose we will both get used to
Waging war at each other
For the comforter

Don't leave my side just yet
I know that together, we shall create magic.