Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Tragedy Called Us

It’s funny really that
The reason we are not together anymore
Is not because we were too dissimilar
But because we’re much too alike

Neither of us was ever the first to apologise
First to break the silence
First to open the door
First to hold the other one
And force them to look into our eyes
First to start the fight
Confess our sins
Or at least, verbally
Place the blame

Neither of us ever managed to be kind enough,
Gentle enough, wise enough,
Cruel enough or reasonable enough
To either fix it, or finish it

You were too proud to be able to mend it
But so was I
You were too stubborn to be able to end it
And so was I

It took months and years of miserable existence
For us to finally confess
Our souls were both cut out of exactly
The same piece of fabric
And no matter how hard we tried to stay together
The frayed ends of our existence could never intertwine
And hence we must live apart
You with your self, and I, with mine

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